It’s Important

12 Jun, 2012



It's Important Panel 1
It's Important Panel 2
It's Important Panel 3

The University

Welcome to the new university, the University of Dissonance. It will help you fill in the gaps left by your past, current or future university (but not those in your wallet, bank or credit card). If you do look at the comics (who reads today?), we can’t guarantee that perhaps you may or may not experience some sort of emotional response that may possibly, almost definitely but unlikely for sure, push you over the edge to leave a comment, rate a comic or share it. You know, stuff you do when you’re “studying”.


Laugh, cry, weep, get angry, be happy, take a chill pill or don’t, whatever emotional roller coaster you’re on right now, it’s not our fault. It’s just comics about life at university, deal with it.