Just Guessing

So you made it here, did you miss the comic link at the top? No? You probably read those tags on clothes don’t you? And the ingredients on food packaging, right? We have no idea but those were some pretty good guesses, if they were true for the person reading it.


Our (Very) Long History

We could talk about us all day, how long we have been established (not very long, like 5 minutes ago?), all the effort we put into writing and making the marketing material instead of improving the university (most if not all of it) but you’re just going to look at the comics anyway, hopefully.


Moments to Cherish

These comics are about life at university and those wonderful experiences that you get to enjoy (eventually, somehow…). Don’t worry if you miss out on some, these comics can help you discover all the glorious moments you missed and make sure you never, ever forget your old ones.